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DVD Speciali documentari Dolphins / NFL

DVD Speciali documentari Dolphins / NFL


America's Game - 1972 Dolphins  DVD -  America's Game - 1973 Dolphins DVD

America's Game 1972/1973 Dolphins DVD

NFL Americas Game: Miami Dolphins

Ne sono uscite 3 di versioni, 1 singola per la stagione 1972, 1 singola della stagione 1973 e 1 doppia con entrambi

Miami Dolphins of the early 1970s weren't especially big, quick, or flashy, and they were soundly beaten by Dallas in Super Bowl VI, but they earned their place in history the following year, becoming the only team in National Football League history to go undefeated (17-0). The Dolphins' "No Name Defense" of 1972 gave up the fewest points in the league, while the offense-playing most of the year without Pro Bowl quarterback Bob Griese-relied heavily on the ground game. Running backs Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris ran for over 1,000 yards each (an NFL first). Griese returned for the postseason and led Miami to a 14-7 victory over George Allen's Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII, completing the Dolphins' perfect season. It was a dilemma no other NFL team had ever faced: How do you improve on perfection? But head coach Don Shula believes that the 1973 Dolphins were even better than the team that went undefeated a year before. In Super Bowl VIII, the Dolphins pummeled the Minnesota Vikings for their second-straight world championship. Americas' Game features exclusive interviews with Larry Csonka, Don Shula and Manny Fernandez (The 1972 Miami Dolphins) and Mercury Morris, Dick Anderson and Bob Kuechenberg (The 1973 Miami Dolphins). Join NFL Films as they recount the stories of the '72 Dolphins' run to 17-0 and the '73 Dolphins' success in defending their Super Bowl title.



1972 NFL Films 1972 Miami Dolphins - NFL Films A NTSC 1:00 VHS

1991 NFL: Best Coaches Ever ESPN2 A NTSC 1:00 VHS

1991 Caduta Libera NFL FILMS 

In 1994 the National Football League celebrated its 75th birthday. Narrated by John Mahoney, 75 Seasons tells the story of professional football in America from 1920 to 1994. The story starts with an interview with Alda Browser of the Canton Bulldogs, the only surviving player from the first professional team. We learn that the pro game lived for years in the shadow of the amateur university contests, and we witness the effect of society upon the game itself; as the men returned from World War II, the NFL evolved into a brutal contest--a battle of men waging war over territory and possession. Compared to being shot and scared senseless, the game of football, though, was fun. Crowds became eager for the game, and athletes such as Johnny Unitas, Jim Brown, Homer Jones in the 1950s, and Joe Namath in the 1960s became football superstars. Joe Montana, Don Shula, and Bill Walsh make insightful observations about the development of the league over the last half of the 20th century, from the style of play to the style of player. This thoroughly absorbing retrospective is a must for football fans to have in their library.Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders  Making the squadNFLF History of Miami Dolphins A NTSC 1:00 VHS NFLF

The Perfect Season (Miami Dolphins) A NTSC 1:30 VHS NFL FILMS 

The Hall Of Fame - The Complete History : This groundbreaking three-disc set celebrates the glorious history of the pro football Hall of Fame, from the inception through the 2005 inductees including Dan Marino and Steve Young.25th Anniversary Silver Season. This Video gives a great account of the first 25 years of Miami Dolphins Football. And what great moments. The thrilling OT game with the KC Chiefs! Manny Fernandez intercepting the handoff in a game against Bufallo during the Dolphins undefeated season. Larry Csonka's power running thru his many glory years. The tough loss to the Raiders and the thrilling moments of the San Diego game with the famous hook and lateral. And we can never...ever...forget about the legendary Dan Marino and the fabulous Marx Brothers Duper and Clayton. The interviews with players, coaches, and anyone else affiliated with this great organization, makes this video a must for all Dolphins fans and most football fans.



The Complete History of the Miami Dolphins NFL FILMS DVD Region 1 USA


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